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The Learning Point is the leading tuition and day care centre in (dobhi)gaya through providing quality education, excellent facilities. Since 2016, TLP has come in educational field with the vision and toil of Mr.S.Kumar with only 2 students in a small classroom and has grown from a small sapling to a giant tree by providing quality education, establishes an alliance between honest & true students and faculty.Who give you the guideline, support and motivate to focus on developing command over the basic fundamental concepts and principles of various topics through detailed problem solving and correct interpretation, evaluation and analysis of the types and range of problems to beat Examination.

Throughout the academic session, TLP is maintaining its best quality & standard of teaching, becoming the leader amongst the other coaching at present scenario. We provide students a world class learning experience focused on making a successful career education through all modern learning approach, examples and facts.

TLP believes that investment in education yields better returns. We help students find the best tutors to excel in their studies. We want them to achieve their goals. Their goals are our goals. If our students excels in their studies and achieve more we love it from the core of our heart. That gives us strength to help you more. We request sincere support from tutors across the world to help students excel in their career. With tutors, we share a common goal of doing the best for the students. We help parents in taking care o f their childs study. We hope all the students and tutors benefit from our services. We assert you that we will do our best to help you. We are here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you.


Establish "The Learning Point"" the leading tuition and day care centre in Dobhi (Gaya) through providing quality education, excellent facilities and top notch educators.


We want to be the facebook of education and be in the hearts of students and teachers forever. We do everything that makes students learn better and help teachers teach better.

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